Details for Near Route of The Western Trail (Atlas Number 5023005766)

Historical Marker — Atlas Number 5023005766


Marker Number 5766
Atlas Number 5023005766
Marker Title Near Route of The Western Trail
Index Entry Western Trail
City Seymour
County Baylor
UTM Zone 14
UTM Easting 476454
UTM Northing 3719136
Subject Codes roads; cattle, cattle industry topics
Marker Year 1972
Marker Location from Seymour, take US 82 1 mi north to Roadside Park
Marker Size 27" x 42"
Marker Text Principal cattle trail from Texas to Kansas and beyond from 1876 to 1887; superseded the Chisholm Trial after Dodge City replaced Abilene as the main intermediate northern beef market. As its name implies, the Western Trail ran west of the Chisholm Trail, by about 100 miles. Most of its feeder trails started in South Texas, although some made connections at San Antonio and Fort Griffin. Here in Baylor County the trail crossed Brazos River, passing half a mile east of Seymour, a major supply center. The herds bedded near Seymour Creek, at the site of the present Fairgrounds. The Millett Ranch (established 1874) served as a watering spot, and the Millett Brothers--Eugene, Alzono, and Hiram-- were among the first users of the trail. From Seymour the route continued north, leaving Texas at Doan's Store on the Red River. It then ran through Oklahoma to Dodge City, with lesser extensions proceeding to Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. During its life, the Western Trail moved hundreds of thousands of cattle north to stock ranges, Indian reservations, and markets. But after the fencing of the open range and building of the Texas & Pacific Railroad, it ceased to be used by the cattle industry. (1972)