Details for Chapman Family Home

Historical Marker — Atlas Number 5119006931


Marker Number 6931
Atlas Number 5119006931
Marker Title Chapman Family Home
Index Entry Chapman Family Home
City Cooper
County Delta
UTM Zone
UTM Easting
UTM Northing
Subject Codes
Marker Year 1966
Designations Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
Marker Location 1 mi. south Cooper, off Liberty Grove Road
Marker Size 14" x 9"
Marker Text Pre-Civil War home, built about 1858; restored in 1888. Foundation is of native bois d'arc blocks; set and capped with hand-hewn sills. Three 20-foot rooms have front porch door entrances. Kitchen is 20 by 20 feet. Residence remained in Chapman family until 1954. RTHL 1965