Details for Cemetery on the grounds of the Alamo (Atlas Number 7029029903)

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7029029903


Cemetery ID Number BX-C299
Cemetery Name Cemetery on the grounds of the Alamo
Additional Names
Directions By Commission action on May 10, 2019: The Texas Historical Commission recognizes a Historic Texas Cemetery within the area of a rectangle bounded by a line running from a point at the southwest corner of E. Houston Street and Alamo Plaza, then running along the west side of Alamo Plaza to a point where it would intersect with the alignment of E. Crockett Street, then running east along the north side of E. Crockett Street to a point where it would intersect with a straight line adjacent to the rear wall of the Alamo Chapel, then running along that line north to a point on the south side of Houston Street, and then running along the south side of Houston Street to the point of beginning. This designation is not intended to affect the allowed uses of this property and does not constitute the designation of an Unknown or Abandoned Cemetery under the Health and Safety Code. It is an acknowledgement that, based on archival information only and in the absence of any visible evidence on the surface or any evidence of intact human remains outside of the perimeter of the Alamo Chapel, the area described is deemed worthy of recognition as a Historic Texas Cemetery under Commission Rule 22.6.
City San Antonio
County Bexar
HTC Designation Date 7/3/2019
Number of graves unknown
Burial Dates unknown
Feature Type cemetery
Latitude 29.425778
Longitude -98.486429
Atlas Number 7029029903
Atlas Map Yes


Alamo Cemetery
Alamo Cemetery