Details for Site of Historic Drift Fence (Atlas Number 5341004812)

Historical Marker — Atlas Number 5341004812


Marker Number 4812
Atlas Number 5341004812
Marker Title Site of Historic Drift Fence
Index Entry Drift Fence
Address FM 1060
City Sunray
County Moore
UTM Zone 14
UTM Easting 261727
UTM Northing 3978407
Subject Codes ranches/ranching; cattle, cattle industry topics; fences
Marker Year 1969
Marker Location FM 1060, 6.2 miles S of intersection with FM 281, east side of road.
Marker Size 27" x 42"
Marker Text Until the mid-1880's, no range fences existed in the Texas Panhandle. Thus when winter blizzards came, cattle drifted from Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas to the Texas ranches of ("Box T"--Dominion Cattle Co. Ltd.), K ("Seven K"--York, Parker & Draper), CC ("Bar C's"--Creswell Land & Cattle Co.), ("Turkey Tract"--Hansford Land & Cattle Co.), LX (Bates & Beal), LIT (Littlefield) and LE (Lee & Reynolds). The influx caused these ranches in the Canadian River breaks to be over grazed, for by spring roundup there were as many northern as local cattle in the herds. To prevent the costly and time-consuming job of separating the cattle, each Texas rancher agreed to construct a fence along his north boundary line. The resulting fence was 200 miles long and ran from the northeast corner of the Panhandle southwest to near the site where Dumas was later founded, then west about 35 miles into New Mexico. It was a 4-strand, 4-bars fence with posts 30 feet apart and a gate every 3 miles. The materials amounted to about 65 carloads of wire and posts hauled from Dodge City. In 1890, however, to comply with an 1889 state law prohibiting any fence from crossing or enclosing public property, most of the fence was removed.