Details for Eli Jackson Cemetery

Historical Marker — Atlas Number 5507013730


Marker Number 13730
Atlas Number 5507013730
Marker Title Eli Jackson Cemetery
Index Entry Jackson, Eli, Cemetery
Address US 281
City Pharr
County Hidalgo
UTM Zone 14
UTM Easting 581617
UTM Northing 2886135
Subject Codes cemetery; African American topics
Marker Year 2005
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark No
Marker Location US 281, south side, just east of the intersection with S. Veterans Blvd. (I Road)
Private Property No
Marker Condition In Situ
Marker Size HTC Medallion and 24" x 16" interpretive plaque
Marker Text In 1857, Nathaniel Jackson came from Alabama and established a ranch in this area. A former slave owner, Jackson, who was white, came with his wife Matilda Hicks, who was black, their children and his freed slaves. On his 5,500-acre ranch, Jackson raised livestock and grew vegetables, cotton and sugarcane. He also established a chapel that served family and friends. He was known for his generosity and hospitality, and many, including runaway slaves, came to the ranch in need of lodging and other resources. Upon Jackson’s death in 1865, his heirs divided the property. The share to his son Eli included this site, the family cemetery. Eli and his wife, Elizabeth Kerr, and their children continued the family tradition of hospitality. Eli served a county official, as did his son Nathaniel “Polo” Jackson. Polo’s daughter Adela operated the ranch and cared for the cemetery until her death in 1992. Today, the Eli Jackson Cemetery represents the early area ranching communities. The burial ground is a tie to the Jackson family, and to their friends and neighbors from the past who share this as a final resting place. Historic Texas Cemetery - 2005

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