Details for James Frederick Gomer Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7103014605


Cemetery ID Number SB-C146
Cemetery Name James Frederick Gomer Cemetery
Additional Names
Directions From south side of the Sabine county courthouse go one block east on Hwy 83 (Worth St), then right (S) on Hwy 87 for 5.1 miles, then left or east on Ener Cemetery Rd. for 1.2 miles, then right (NE) on Gomer Cemetery Rd. for .5 mile to an unlocked gate, then continue throught he pastur on foot for .2 mile north to cemetery.
City Yellow Pine
County Sabine
HTC Designation Date 6/30/2011
Size 22 ft x 22 ft.
Number of graves 7
Burial Dates 1870-1873
Feature Type
Deed vol. 0344, pgs. 473-475
Atlas Number 7103014605
Atlas Map Yes

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