Details for Tamina-Sweet Rest Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7339000605


Cemetery ID Number MQ-C006
Cemetery Name Tamina-Sweet Rest Cemetery
Additional Names Tamina Cemetery, Tamina African American Cemetery
Directions From Conroe take IH45 South to Tamina Road, cross under IH45 to Woodson Road--east across railroad tracks--turn left about 1-2 miles-cemetery is on right next to electricity transformers.
Source Parsons, Kim, Ref. to Texas Cemeteries, 1988; Montgomery Co. website
City Tamina
County Montgomery
HTC Designation Date 4/8/2021
Number of graves 75+
Burial Dates 1879-2006
Feature Type cemetery
Longitude -95.436916
Latitude 30.179213
Atlas Number 7339000605
Atlas Map Yes

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