Details for Cartwright Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7339004805


Cemetery ID Number MQ-C048
Cemetery Name Cartwright Cemetery
Additional Names Rabon-Cartwright, Rabon Chapel, Elizabeth Shaw Cartwright, Sunday Cemetery
Directions This cemetery is located on Rabon Chapel Road. There are two routes one may take. 1. From Conroe-take Hwy 105 West about 10 miles. 2. From Conroe-take FM2854. Rabon Chapel runs between 105 & 2854. There are road signs at each end of the roads.
Source Parsons, Kim, Ref. to Texas Cemeteries, 1988; Montgomery Co. website
City Montgomery
County Montgomery
HTC Designation Date 11/23/2010
Size 2.398 acres
Number of graves 370
Burial Dates 1844 to present
Feature Type cemetery
Atlas Number 7339004805
Atlas Map Yes

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