Details for Wood Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7339012605


Cemetery ID Number MQ-C126
Cemetery Name Wood Cemetery
Additional Names Greenwood, Green Wood Plantation
Directions From Conroe take IH45 North past Willlis to Shepard Hill Road-turn left-past Shepard Hill Cemetery on left side of road--go past Gene Reaves Place on left side of road--white fence on right--turn right at first gate on a dirt road--follow this road--keep going straight--cross cattle guard--there is a house on right--continue and go through gate--cemetery is about a block off road in a clump of trees.
Source Local history notes; Parsons, Kim, Ref. to Texas Cemeteries, 1988; Montgomery Co. website; Montgomery Co Tx Cems [1978] Vol 5
City Willis
County Montgomery
HTC Designation Date
Number of graves 10 marked graves, plus some markers without info
Burial Dates 1850s
Feature Type cemetery
Atlas Number 7339012605
Atlas Map Yes

Location Map

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