Details for Cartwright-Mt. Zion

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7339015105


Cemetery ID Number MQ-C151
Cemetery Name Cartwright-Mt. Zion
Additional Names Mt. Zion Church (Naomi Rd)
Directions West on 1488, left turn onto 149 continue to right turn onto 1774. Left turn onto Hunters Rd., turns to Russell St, corner to Naomi St. Dead end at Naomi, cemetery is close by. This Cemetery is Hunter's Retreat subdivision and at the end of Naomi St. It is off of Hwy. 1774 between Pinehurst and Magnolia, Texas
City Pinehurst
County Montgomery
HTC Designation Date
Number of graves over 140
Burial Dates 1918-2019
Feature Type cemetery
Longitude -95.708956
Latitude 30.175222
Atlas Number 7339015105
Atlas Map Yes

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