Details for Oakhill Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7403003205


Cemetery ID Number SB-C032
Cemetery Name Oakhill Cemetery
Additional Names Oak Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Directions 300 Old Oakhill Rd. From Sabine County courthouse, go 1 block east on FM 83 (Worth St), then right or south on SH 87 for 9.6 miles, then left on FM 2928 (Oakhill Rd) for 3.7 miles, then right on Old Oakhill Road for .2 mile to the cemetery on the left
City Hemphill
County Sabine
HTC Designation Date 5/11/2009
Size 1.72 acres
Number of graves 428
Burial Dates 1883 to present
Feature Type cemetery
Deed doc 091304
Atlas Number 7403003205
Atlas Map Yes

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