Details for Chesterville Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7481000105


Cemetery ID Number WH-C001
Cemetery Name Chesterville Cemetery
Additional Names
Directions From Eagle Lake at SH 90A, go east to FM 1093. Continue east for 9 miles to FM 2764 sign. From Wallis ant SH 36 to FM 1093 west for 10 miles to FM 2764 sign. From the FM 2764 sign wouth across the railroad 100 feet then a quick zigzag southeast on CR .2 mile. Continue on CR 262 .25 mile to the cemetery
City Chesterville
County Wharton
HTC Designation Date 1/23/2001
Size 2 acres
Number of graves 105
Burial Dates 1898 to present
Feature Type cemetery
Deed vol 398 page 245-247
Atlas Number 7481000105
Atlas Map Yes

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