Details for Wharton Hispanic Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7481001705


Cemetery ID Number WH-C017
Cemetery Name Wharton Hispanic Cemetery
Additional Names Wharton Latin American
Directions Within the City of Wharton, the Latin American Cemetery, also known as the Wharton Hispanic Cemetery, is located off Grove Street between East Alabama Road, North Alabama Road and Caney Street. The cemetery is across the street from the Wharton City Cemetery and was abandoned at the end of 2014. A non-profit group, Preservation of Our Ancestors, initiated efforts to restore cemetery and have been conducting routine ground maintenance since January 2015.
City Wharton
County Wharton
HTC Designation Date 11/19/2019
Number of graves 271
Burial Dates 1920s to 1973
Feature Type cemetery
Longitude -96.090130
Latitude 29.310389
Atlas Number 7481001705
Atlas Map Yes

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