Details for de la Zerda Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7493001505


Cemetery ID Number WN-C015
Cemetery Name de la Zerda Cemetery
Additional Names Carvajal Cemetery
Directions Located in the Lodi Community, just NW of Floresville. Take 4th street in Floresville going north to Peach Street on the left. Follow Peach until reaching the railroad track. Cross the track and go straight on dirt road. At about 500 feet it will come to a dead end. Turn left and the cemetery is about 500 feet on the right.
Source Cemeteries of Wilson County (over 130 cemeteries and burial plots) by I.Meyr;,
City Floresville
County Wilson
HTC Designation Date 7/14/2006
Number of graves 50
Burial Dates 1877-1945
Feature Type cemetery
Atlas Number 7493001505
Atlas Map Yes

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