Details for Old Wheeler Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7493001705


Cemetery ID Number WN-C017
Cemetery Name Old Wheeler Cemetery
Additional Names Wheeler Cemetery, Butler-Wheeler Cemetery
Directions Located on the old Wheeler homestead 5 miles SW of Stockdale. Marcelinas Hills Quad, Turn off Hwy 87 onto CR 401 heading SW. Follow this dirt road along to CR 312, which is well marked with a street sign. CR 312 runs straight into a gate at a T-intersection and continues on to the right. To find the cemetery stop at the T-intersection and stand at the long one-piece gate looking into the pasture. The tallest post oak tree along a fence line to the right about 250 yards from the road is the location of the cemetery. Then turn right and go to the next gate, which is a two-piece gate that opens in the middle. Looking into this pasture from the gate one can see the fence line dividing the two pieces of land to the left. A good road goes into this pasture and leads to the deer lease camp but beyond that a 4-wheel drive vehicle is required to get to the cemetery.
Source THC records; USGS;; Cemeteries of Wilson County (over 130 cemeteries and burial plots) by I.Meyr
City Stockdale
County Wilson
HTC Designation Date 5/27/2009
Size 200 ft x 120 ft
Number of graves 14
Burial Dates 1863-1939
Feature Type cemetery
Atlas Number 7493001705
Atlas Map Yes

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