Details for Burrow Grave(s)

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7493013205


Cemetery ID Number WN-C132
Cemetery Name Burrow Grave(s)
Additional Names
Directions Take 97 West (road to Pleasanton from Floresville) go 8 miles to FM 2505 (Fairview Road) Go 1.7 miles to CR 106 and turn right. Follow this road 3 miles to FM 105 (where there is a grave in the road). In the road at junction of FM 104 and 105. East of the Fairview Community. Intersection of County Roads 104 and 105, northeast section of triangular dirt near a tree. Headstone and limestone wall were present until recently.
Source Cemeteries of Wilson County (over 130 cemeteries and burial plots) by I.Meyr; USGS
City West of Floresville
County Wilson
HTC Designation Date
Number of graves 1 known (previously marked, now moved), others possible but unverified
Burial Dates 1870
Feature Type cemetery
Longitude -98.267225
Latitude 29.099558
Atlas Number 7493013205
Atlas Map Yes

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