Details for Old China Grove Cemetery

Cemetery — Atlas Number 7339009505


Cemetery ID Number MQ-C095
Cemetery Name Old China Grove Cemetery
Additional Names
Directions Hwy 75 to Willis, turn E on FM 2432, continue E to city limits, then FM 2432 makes a Y to right, County Line Rd is to left. Take County Line Rd, go 6.5 miles E of Willis, turn left on a small dirt road with a cattle guard crossing (this is the old Coldsprings to Willis and Houston road, also the old tram road to Elmina Sawmill). Go 3.1 miles to a gate. This is entrance to George Darden’s property and 7 miles inside the gate is the cemetery. Cannot drive County Line Road. Heavy woods and much underbrush.
Source Parsons, Kim, Ref. to Texas Cemeteries, 1988; Montgomery Co Tx Cems (1978) Vol. 6; Local history notes
City Willis
County Montgomery
HTC Designation Date 3/7/2007
Size 2.9 acres
Number of graves 25
Burial Dates 1889-1945
Feature Type
Atlas Number 7339009505
Atlas Map Yes

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